The Mid-Ohio Valley Rural Health Alliance formed in May, 1998. The founding members of the Alliance include: Wirt County Health Services Association, Ritchie County Primary Care Association, Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital, Sistersville General Hospital and the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department. The Alliance received its first grant of $50,000 from the Rural Health Systems Program to initiate network development. The Alliance became incorporated on February 22, 1999 and was recognized by the IRS as a 501c(3) organization on September 24, 1999.

During the early years of the Alliance, the members focused on programs and processes that could reduce cost and improve efficiencies within the individual organizations. This process of improving efficiencies was accomplished as a network rather than as independent organizations. Through grant funding, the Alliance has successfully completed several activities for community residents. A community needs assessment was completed to determine the healthcare needs of the population served. This was a benchmarking tool to assist the members in identifying additional services needed for their patients. With the assistance of grants, the Alliance has sponsored several projects since its inception in 1998.