Our Programs

Since 1998, and with the assistance of grants, MOVRHA has sponsored several programs of service, including:


  • Provider Coding and Documentation
  • Corporate Compliance Training
  • Care Management Training
  • Poverty and Cultural Training
  • Depression Screening Seminar
  • Public Health Insurance Seminar
  • Domestic Violence Training and Education (S.A.N.E.)
  • *Chronic Disease Management – Federally funded program 2004 – 2006
  • Mammography Screenings
  • Certified Diabetic Education
  • “Cooking for the Community” cooking classes
  • Breath by Breath – Asthma Outreach hosted by Camden-Clark (Current Project)
  • ATV Safety Awareness Training for students in Mid Ohio Valley area
  • Audio/video two way communications amongst Alliance members
  • Medical staff credentialing (provided by Camden Clark Memorial Hospital)
  • ACLS, PALS certification courses (provided by Camden Clark)
  • Shared resources; staffing, billing, human resource functions, physician  recruitment, reference lab, courier service

*In 2004, the Alliance received $1.3 million dollar grant to develop and implement a chronic disease management program for uninsured and underinsured adults served by the Alliance. Educational programs, one on one chronic disease management, and patient supplies were provided to the enrollees who had  at least one of the following chronic conditions; asthma, diabetes or hypertension. Patient data is maintained in a webpage repository for tracking the effectiveness of the program.